This site presents information pertaining to Regenass families and their relatives who had their roots in the Lampenberg, Niederdorf and the Ramlinsburg regions of Baselland, Switzerland. Although oriented around Regenass Families it also includes many other Baselland families linked by marriage. The primary source of the Swiss information has been church records dating back to the 16th Century maintained in the Staatsarchiv Baselland located in Liestal.

The Regenass Database  is available to the public.

Some of the other Swiss families included in this database are Annen, Baschong, Börlin, Brodbeck, Buess, Bürgin, Buser, Degen, Dettwiller, Ehrsam, Erb, Erny, Fiechter, Flubacher, Frey, FurlerGassGraff, Grauwiler, Grieder, Gysin, Häfelfinger, Heid, Heinimann, Hersperger, Jenni, Keller, Lüdin, Madörin, Märklin, Martin, Meier, Müller, Mundwiler, Oberer, Rieder, RudinSalatheSchäfer, Schaffner, Schaub, Schäublin, Schneider, Schweizer, Schwob, Seiler, Senn, Spinnler, Stohler, Straumann, Sumi, Suter, Thommen, Tschan, Tschopp, Tschudin, Vöglin, Wagner, Weber, Weibel, Wirz, Zeller. The names in bold are grandparents of mine.

Included in the database are a number Regenass families who have immigrated from Switzerland to a number of other countries.
Johannes Regenass baptized 20 Jan 1704 of Lampenberg, his wife, Margaretha Spielhofer of Eptingen and their four children: Johannes, Maria, Elisabeth, Salome, and Johan Jakob; they left for Philadelphia in 1738, but after that there is no record. One story, unconfirmed, claimed they were killed by indians.

Johannes Regenass baptized 28 Aug 1707 of Lampenburg, his wife, Elisabeth Hasler and their three children: Anna Maria Ester, Salome, and Johannes reportedly left Switzerland in 1767, secretly and without permission and are believed to have gone to America.

Hans Jakob Regenass baptized 14 Mar 1751 of Lampenberg, his wife, Barbara Flubacher and their four children: Hans Jacob, Elizabeth, Verena and Christian. They  
arrived in Philadelphia 22 June 1803 on the Ship Traveler. Son Hans Jacob adopted the name Regennas and Christian's children adopted the name Regenos. Several descendants of Hans Jacob shortened their name to Regnas.

Rommy (Remigius) Regenass born 1 Sep 1777 of Lampenberg and his recent bride, Magdalena Rudin also arrived in Philadelphia 22 June 1803 traveling on the same ship as Hans Jakob Regenass above. Also traveling with them were Magdalena's parents, Ursus Rudin of Arboldswil and Elisabeth Thommen of Ramlinsburg and their other children: Heinrich, Friedrick, Ursus, Elisabeth, Barbara. Johannes, and Johan Jakob. Rommy adopted the name Rhegness and the Rudin family adobted Rudy as their surname.

Johannes Regenass born 23 Sep 1849 of Niederdorf arrived in New York 6 Jan 1879 on the Ship Labrador . His wife, Elise Pauline Schneeberger arrived a year later with their children: Elise, Johannes, Emil, and Elisabeth Anna. They had four more children born in America. They adopted the name Reganess.

The children of Wilhelm Regenass born 23 Nov 1845 of Niederdorf and his third wife, Elisabeth Schaub. Most of them adopted the name Regeness. Wilhelm and Paul arrived in New York in 1904. Fritz arrived 25 September 1905 on the Ship La Gascogne. Henry is said to have arrived in 1912. Earnest arrived on18 Mar 1912 on the Ship George Washington. Elise arrived 5 June 1920 on the Ship Lapland.

The children of Jacob Schlag of Waldenburg and Elisabeth Regenass born 5 Jun 1800 of Niederdorf. They immigrated to America in the years after Jakob died in 1834. Heinrich and his brother Jacob arrived in Philadelphia 21 Oct 1847 on the ship "Seine". Gottlieb died in 1851. The remaining children: Emanuel, Jacob and their sister, Anna Maria arrived in 1852 where they rejoined their bothers in Allegheny Co., PA. Elisabeth remarried and remained in Switzerland with her second husband, Martin Berger.

The descendants of Heinrich Regenass born 23 dec 1830 of Lampenberg. He and his wife: Anna Maria Rosina Schneider left Switzerland in January of February 1859 where he had enlisted for 6 years with Holland's Military Service. He died 28 Aug 1859 and was buried in Semarang along the north coast of Jave. His infant son, Heinrich apparently remained in Samatra with his mother and at some point moved to South Africa. He married Anna Barbara Kohn of Bayreuth, Bavaria on 5 Aug 1886 in Natal, South Africa. Most of these Regenass descendants still live in South Africa, but some of them have since immigrated to America.

The first mention of the Regenass name was found on the occasion of a court day in 1822 presided over by the prefect of Waldenburg, Kaspar von    Regissheim. In that court day was the accused Werlin Regennass of Reigoldswil to have slain Kleinhans von Sumiswald at Waldenburg. Werlin Regennass was damned in contumaciam. 

A number of other names are mentioned during that same period which sometimes appeared as possible members of the Regenass family, such as Heinrich von Regissheim, Casper von Regiszheim and Casper von Regessen (actually the same as the previous person). These appear to be or are transcription errors for Regisheim the German name for Réguisheim, Haut Rhin, Alsace, France.

Lampenberg is accepted as the primary origin of the Regenass family with families from Lampenberg appearing in the Bennwil church records in 1590 shortly after the beginning of the Bennwil church records in 1587. Additionally Lampenberg records are recorded in the Waldenburg church records from about 1681-1708. 

A Friedlin Regenass of Lampenberg was baptized 7 Dec 1539  in Bubendorf shortly after the first church records in 1529. After that no other baptism of Regenass infants occurred until Maria Regenass in 1678 when her parents, Rudolf Regenass and Elisabeth Häner moved to Ramlinsburg. About the same time Johannes Regenas of Lampenberg and Chrischona Stohler of Arboldswil also moved to Ramlinsburg, their daughter, Anna being born in 1681

The Niederdorf church records began in in 1660, but the first Regenass families didn't appear in Niederdorf until the baptism of Sebastian Regenass in 1693 whose parents were Friedrich Regenass of Lampenberg and Anna Bosshart of Niederdorf. Next arrival was probably Christian Regenass of Lampenberg and Anna Thommen of Niederdorf whose daughter, Anna Regenass was baptized in 1700.

The following map shows the three primary Regenass towns above underlined in red and a number of other towns underlined in yellow where many relatives of these Regenass families live that are included in this database.